In Transition

The role of Permaculture Connect in the Transition Movement is to support Individuals setting up and Managing transition movements in their Street, Suburb or Town.

Watch the Video below for more information on the Transition Movement.

The idea of Transition is about us all connecting, being engaged and an active part of a positive future.

The Transition Movement focuses on a range of initiatives that builds a resilient connected community. From issues such as Peak Oil & Climate Change to sustainable approaches such as Permaculture, Social Enterprise, Community Energy, Local Currencies & Economic sustainability.

Around the world the Transition movement acknowledges that our dependence on oil places us in a position of dependence on a depleting resource. Thinking Global while acting local on these issues is a key feature of Transition Towns around the world.

The Transition movement looks at ways of developing ways to change from energy-hungry ways of living and a dependence on fossil fuels to sustainable ways of living that are much less dependent on these fuels.

Transition is about people taking a greater interest in their current and future needs while being more aware of and connected with the world we live in.

“…If we wait for Governments it will be too late… If we act as Individuals it will be too little… But if we act as communities it might just be enough, just in time…”