earth-leafOne way Permaculture systems can address¬†climate change is through diversity. Using trees, as an example – one of the big problems with planting trees and predicting their survival rate is that we don’t know what the climate will be when those trees mature. But if we plant a large variety of trees, trees of many varieties – some suited to hotter or cooler climates – then we increase the likelihood that many will survive and be still thriving in 50 or 100 years. Of those that don’t survive – firewood, construction materials, hugelkulture.¬†Permaculture is a system of design, it has been compared to a cross between a science and an art. It is a set of tools we can use to take responsibility for our actions.

By far the biggest way Permaculture systems can help end dangerous climate change is by encouraging a reduction in the use of Fossil fuels by making use of alternative energy sources.

Around the world however, in areas with continuous croping with extreme weather events and climatic variability, farmers living in harsh environments in the regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America have developed Permaculture farming systems that have the potential to bring solutions to many uncertainties facing humanity in an era of climate change.

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