bright-ideaPermaculture has the potential to positively change communities right around the world. Indeed it already has changed the lives of individuals and communities in many Countries. Yet on a local level it is a name that is not so well known. Most people I speak to when undertaking a Permaculture activity ask me what I am doing 9 times out of 10 the answer is “What’s that?”.

I am keen to see Permaculture become known to more people. As a system of design, as a system of sustainability, of environmental recovery and sustainable living. That is not with the expectation everyone will jump on board and we will have a community full of Permies – that is simply not likely and impractical. But it is a system that needs greater recognition in order for it to be more widely accepted.

Permaculture Connect is a concept designed to be a vehicle of promotion, of duplication and a
point of reference for New comers to Permaculture and advanced Practitioners, Educators and
Farmers. It is not a business model. It is neither for profit or not-for-profit. We will focus primarily on Urban Permaculture with a further key focus on developing sustainable food food systems.

The Concept

Permaculture Connect could be described as a Vehicle, as a Tool, as a Lead Generator. It could
be all these things and more. It is a source of promotion and expansion. A growing base of
knowledge. It is a support Network. Its a place for Permaculturalists to ask questions and for
Clients to find answers. It is a Community of like minded people where Permaculture and its
associated systems is the central focus.

The Core Ideas

Targeted Promotional Opportunities
Permaculture Connect will use Targeted promotional opportunities through local off line media,
online Social media and through Joint Venture campaigns. These campaigns will introduce new
people to the Permaculture Connect circle which will benefit the PC and its member community

Knowledge Base and Support Network
An article database and Support Network will form an integral part of Permaculture Connect.
Articles will be sourced from Members, through other Permaculture initiatives and third party
sources. Articles (Content) will also assist in SEO strategies for search engine placement and
search enhancement.

Connecting People in Remote Areas
Connecting people in remote areas through produce sharing, information sharing, community
dinners and events.

An Online Social Platform
Initial plans involve using 2 Facebook “Groups” and one page. 1 Group will be a closed group for
Permaculturalists to discuss design and more technical aspects of Permaculture. The second
group will be an open group for everyone to join. The Facebook “page” will be an extension of the Website and used to share general information.

Building Local Communities Through Permaculture
All aspects of Permaculture can come together to build active self supporting communities. From core principles to Transition Towns and Local Currency Systems. All these aspects can be tied to the Permaculture Connect project literally connecting initiatives and people across the area.

Supporting Local Permaculture Initiatives
By partnering with local Permaculturalists and Community groups we have the opportunity to help promote key initiatives in the area helping to expand the reach to the mainstream.

Promoting the Permaculture Concept
Using existing community initiatives and projects such as stalls at local Markets, Media attention, Festivals etc to promote the Permaculture Connect brand and therefore expanding core initiatives in the process.

Transition Movement
Assisting people to set up and manage transition initiatives in their local area will be a key part of Permaculture Connect. Transition Hubs can be a huge benefit to a specific Street, Suburb, Town or City. Permaculture Connect is not about “doing” everything but rather supporting initiatives like Transition Towns.

Local Exchange and Trading Systems
The Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs) will be a key part of Permaculture Connect as much as local currencies are an important part of Permaculture Systems. CENTs will be the central recommended currency for trading among members of the Permaculture Connect Community.

Platform for gaining media attention
Experience has proven Newspapers are more likely to accept a media release that has come from a recognised source. Gaining media attention is an important part of promoting events that encourage involvement from the wider community.